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Inside the Chieftain's Hatch Object 268 Part 1 [World of Tanks]

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This is the new episode of "Inside the Chieftain's Hatch". Today, Nicholas Moran will tell us about the Object 268, show the most important detail of any Soviet vehicle, and settle an old debate. Let's watch!

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Billings - 268 - David's Lamentation (Scrolling)

For more videos and performances please visit this youtube page:

NES Longplay [268] Final Fantasy II (Part 1 of 7)

Played by Ironsharp

This is the the original Famicom version of Final Fantasy II, with English translation by Neo Demiforce (as opposed to the prototype English translation by Square). While the translation isn't consistent with the Origins, Dawn of Souls or PSP/iOS remakes in some places, the current canon English names were used for each main character as well as the chapter times in this description.

FFII is the black sheep of the Final Fantasy series due to its departure from Final Fantasy's mechanics, opting instead for a skill-based system wherein each stat levels on its own based on how often each stat happens to be used during battle. Because of this sytem, the game is mechanically very similar to SaGa games (FFII was designed by SaGa series designer Akitoshi Kawazu).

The skill-based system renders the game highly customizable, while also rather challenging (from a purely numerical/mathematical standpoint), and somewhat grindy if one wishes to ease the challenge at all by overleveling. So, any additional leveling I performed was cut for the sake of time and entertainment value. Lastly, I didn't use the Blood Swords against the final boss due to the fact that it would have caused him to die in 1-2 rounds, which is hardly interesting.

The video may seem long--It's most likely due to the fact that I used the default battle message speed, which added up to be rather slow.

Chapters (Divide by the length of each YouTube segment to find which YouTube segment contains the chapter):

The Rebel Army-00:03:07
Semitt Falls-01:28:11
Bafsk \u0026 The Dreadnought-02:27:04
Snow Cavern-03:09:15
Into The Dreadnought-05:33:50
Deist Cavern-07:39:12
Rescuing Hidla at The Palamecian Coliseum-10:45:18
Retaking Fynn-11:20:35
Tropical Island-13:22:54
Cave of Mysidia-14:42:00
Mysidian Tower-16:36:54
Cyclone Fortress-19:41:48
Palamecia Castle-20:32:18
Jade Passage-23:18:40




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