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What does a Director ACTUALLY do?

A director is usually the unifying creative force of a film. They are often also the Producer, and this has eroded the understanding of their core responsibilities and hierarchical position on set.

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EddiƎ M. : How much money does a director make in the end? Is it a single check or a %?
I wonder how much Steve Spielberg makes... like 20% of revenue or a single check of 20 million?
another question: to be a director you REALLY need to have a bit of knowledge of everything, right?
Arabic Translated : Thank you Sir. I really enjoyed your pick of words and nity definition.
Arthur Ferraro : Learning as much as I can.Very help full. Thank you
Lauren Kirby : My 9 year old daughter wants to be a film director she already makes her own cartoon comic films editing them all by herself it’s so cute!
DIANA NENGASCA : What college course should I take??

Director - Reconnect

the song 'reconnect' from Irish band, director's debut album 'we thrive on big cities'.
Irish_Joey : Apsolute belter always loved this band
Paul Cox : Incredible of my top ten...
SideshowBlob : These lads just disappeared. A band that can write a song and an album like this shouldn't have vanished.
BearBlades : My first girlfriend loved this band and took me to their show in Siamsa Tire in Tralee to see them live and I've been a fan ever since.
Niall Finnegan : 2020?in lockdown wanting to reconnect.

Famous Directors Give Directing Advice

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By: FoundationINTERVIEWS
Remembering Sidney Lumet: his advice to aspiring directors

By: Comic-Con International
Quentin Tarantino’s Filmmaker Advice

By: Red Carpet News TV
Steven Spielberg Interview - Best Directing Advice



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NIKONGUY1960 : Maybe that's the difference: instead of talking about making a movie, these guys actually did it.
Aaron Ramirez Rodriguez : Directors and Everyone Else On Movie Sets Don’t Get As Much As Attention As The Actors
Justinwolfordfilms : Thanks for the help I plan on directing movies in my future I’ve actually directed my own movie with my friends and we created a decent film not the best since I had to do it dirt cheap it’s on my YouTube channel
nilofar nihal : Where's Scott derrickson?




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