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Macintosh System 1 (1984) - Demo and Comparison

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The Macintosh System looked very different in 1984. Much of what we see today in macOS can be rooted back to this version of the system software. Today, Ken demos the legacy system, talks about some Apple history, and makes some fun comparisons to today's macOS.

Emulated in Mini vMac.

Vintage Apple Tours:
Software Showcase:

Macintosh photo by:
Pencil Test animation:

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Johnathan Waters : Is this on an actual vintage Mac? It's pretty amazing to see sys 1.1, I didn't even know it existed!
Sparkschu Itai : 36 years later, and we’re STILL loving this. Lmao.
Windows 10 : then come microsoft and have blown apple away with the "multitasking"
nabeelr : I like the reference to Jef Raskin, most people miss that, and that Steve Jobs wasn't actually fired. He left.
Facts many people miss report, and it tells me you know your stuff. I would add though, Jef Raskin's ideas were kinda crazy and while some of his spirit remained in the Macintosh, it was FAR from what Jef Raskin wanted.
Jarvis Grazio : Did Windows not have a desktop until 95?

Mac OS 1 Month Challenge: First Week

I am a Windows user trying our Max OSX Sierra for a month, This is my one week checking video on my thoughts so far. To be honest its not as bad as I thought
ModernDayTech : Glad you're trying things from the Smartside.
Craig's Tech Talk : Nice job Karl. Glad to see your experience has been pretty good. I think the gaming experience is hobbled by apples choices of hardware more than software. I might be wrong.
ashley scruggs : hey
Techatorium : I agree that the gaming problem is more of a lack of hardware, which then results in a lack of developer support. Developers aren't going to put as much time in optimizing a game for Mac if they are notoriously not used for gaming. Kind of a vicious cycle. I wonder if Apple will ever attempt a build where it is geared somewhat towards gaming.

A Tour of Macintosh System 1.1 - Software Showcase

This is the Macintosh System from 1984.
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Let's travel back to a simpler time, and by 'simpler' I mean a time that wasn't simple at all, at least, when it came to computers. That is, until the Macintosh came out. Apple's goal for the Macintosh was to make technology available to everyone, and that meant making a product that would be extremely easy to use; the next desk appliance. Enjoy a quick tour of one of the earliest versions of the Macintosh System that ran on the old 68K-based Macs.





Background music by: - Drifting2
Linus Brown : I still have this computer! And it still works!
Cubester64 : I want to own it. :/
Subscribe to my new channel, Melan Arts : Which computer of yours has 1.1 OS?
Wolfpuppy1010 Gaming : you forgot the sad mac
JannertdeMannert :




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