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Review - Nikon FM2

In this episode, I go over one of my favorite cameras, the Nikon FM2.

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Hey, this is Matt Day and thanks for visiting my channel! I'm just a photographer from southern Ohio that's passionate about what I do and I wanna share that with as many people as I can. As a subscriber to this channel, you can expect all kinds of content from the photography world that no other channel is giving you. You're not gonna see me reading specs on the latest Canon or Nikon cameras when they're announced. You're gonna see a lot of videos on shooting film, as well as some tutorials in both the digital and analog world. I'll be answering YOUR questions that you send in on a regular basis. I'll be sharing some general thoughts and advice I have for other photographers and creatives, and so much more. So make sure you subscribe and join all of us here!
Ni5ei : My FM2 (black) doesn't have the honeycomb pattern
Chuck Jines : I have the fm. Think I'll get the fm2. 4000 is nice.
Juan Marino : I have this camera and is great, love it.
Hanggar PS : i've bought nikon fm2 but the view finder circle not square like that. I've used nikon afd 50mm f1.8. Is it normal ?
BR SC : Love my FM2n, which at this time I consider sufficient for a small camera as I'm primarily interested in large and medium format.

Episode 5 - Nikon FM2

This video is a photowalk around Circular Quay here in Sydney, with my Nikon FM2 + a roll of Vista Plus
Romain Dilhac : I have a classic Om2n 2 + 2 Zuiko Lens (50mm + 28mm). I want to move to Nikon Nikkor. Do you think Nikkor IS at last same quality or maybe better ?
Jerry Baran : What Lense was on there?
Fang Fang : Nice photo and nice country!!!
I’m going to buy one FM2, so it’s so happy to see your video.
Hello from Taiwan ❤️
Barrie Anthony : Great vid
NIGHT MOON : What is the name of the lens that you use with the camera? Please answer me

Nikon FM2 Video Instruction Manual 1 of 2

Nikon's FM2, probably their most robust and reliable camera, introduced the world to mechanical shutters capable of reaching 1/4,000th of a second. The FM2 had three variations through its production run to improve reliability and performance. Each iteration, however, was a reliable and highly functional camera. Needing a battery only to operate the light meter, the FM2 will work whenever its needed.

Skip the Intro: 0:07
Camera Overview: 0:33
Camera Features – Top: 3:19
Camera Features – Front: 4:34
Camera Features – Back: 5:23
Camera Features – Bottom: 5:46
Camera Features – Inside: 6:02
Notes: 7:08
Things Not to do with your Nikon FM2: 9:00
Invitation to Like and Subscribe: 10:13

Review and Sample Photos:

Video 2:


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Gear I used for Filming and Editing:
Video Capture and Film Digitization- Pentax K-3 ( or Pentax K-1 (
Secondary Capture- Sony CX330 (
Lens- Pentax 31mm FA Limited (
Off-camera Audio- Tascam DR-70D or Tascam DR-60D MKII and Tascam DR-05 ( or and
Video Editing- Sony Movie Studio Platinum (
Audio Processing- Adobe Soundbooth (

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Robert Rodriguez : Can you please specifically tell me what kind of lense this camera use....please be specific, thanks.
Tzec - : I own the exact camera In the video, small world
Trevor Sowers : I just snagged a FM2N for free! it is the newer one with aluminum shutter and it is great condition. I'm looking forward to getting to know it. I put a 50mm pancake on it and loaded some portra 400
Michael Romagnoli : There's film in it....
Sonia Bottinelli : Great video! I have a question, if i have a 160 film , in wich one should i put the iso on? 100 or 200? Thanks!




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